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Hardcore Eleven The Relentless Pursuit

Welcome to Hardcore Eleven, a German leader in high-performance football gear. Our gear is designed for those who refuse to quit, pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in every game. With H11, you’re equipped to face any challenge, never backing down, and always giving your best.

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H11 Classics

Built for toughness, the H11 Ironclad boasts rugged construction and a robust design. The reinforced toe cap and abrasion-resistant upper provide extra durability, while the flexible sole ensures superior traction on diverse terrains. Engineered for comfort and endurance, the Ironclad lets you conquer every match with ease.

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H11 Strength Resistance Bands

The H11 Strength Resistance Bands offer a versatile, portable solution for strength and conditioning training. Made from premium, tear-resistant material, these bands withstand rigorous use and provide consistent resistance. Perfect for warm-ups, muscle activation, and recovery exercises, the Strength Resistance Bands help players build power and resilience.

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H11 Urban Shield Training Jacket

The H11 Urban Shield Training Jacket offers superior protection and style. Engineered with water-resistant and windproof materials, it keeps you warm and dry during outdoor training sessions. The jacket features reinforced zippers and durable fabric to withstand harsh conditions. Stay protected and focused on your game with the Urban Shield Training Jacket.

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H11 Elite Grip Gloves

Featuring a rugged, anti-slip palm for enhanced grip and reinforced stitching for durability, these gloves provide superior control and protection. The breathable fabric ensures comfort during intense sessions, making them the perfect accessory for any dedicated player.

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At Hardcore Eleven (H11), we're passionate about football and dedicated to innovation. As a leading German multinational, we specialize in cutting-edge sports equipment—from footwear to apparel and accessories—designed to elevate athlete performance worldwide. With a focus on quality, innovation, and advanced technology, Hardcore Eleven is committed to setting new standards in the game of football.